Tokyo Hotel shockeert fans with horrorprijzen

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The time that Tokio Hotel are the largest rooms platspeelde, is a little bit over. But the band, which, in 2007, a hit scored with the Monsoon, has thought up something new to revenue to collect it: a summer camp. A whole weekend in July with the German band spend in Sachsen-Anhalt, germany. But there is a bit pricey and the amount thereof shockeert a lot of fans.

Who at the camp would like to participate, and at least one tent to set-up, pay at least 799 euros. For that money you get a concert, a photo with the band, three vegetarian meals per day and water, reports Bild. You should not take their own food and cell phones are strictly prohibited.

Who is a more luxurious place to sleep wants, or a luxury tent, where, amongst other carpet, a table, and racks of clothes, pays a whopping 3599 euros. Fans are in shock and flushing on Twitter their displeasure. “I’m ashamed that I arm am to be your fan”, someone writes. Another to let you know that the band was the sight of reality is lost. A spokesman for Tokyo Hotel did not respond to all the criticism.

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