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Thomas Of the Variation of the place in Götzis for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, despite hamstring injury

Thomas Of the Variation is Sunday the thirteenth place in the decathlon at the Hypomeeting in Austrian Götzis. He collected 8.007 points and place themselves as for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Berlin in August, for which 7.915 points were needed. The victory went to the Canadian Damian Warner. He scored 8.795 points.

In the slot of the polsstokcompetitie in Götzis ran From the Variation of a contractuurtje in the calf. Because he absolutely wanted to place for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Berlin in August, he took the risk to do the last two tests. At the javelin he limited himself to a single attempt, and that was with 59m41 and a thirteenth place best still solid. Of the Variation of the started as number five in the closing 1,500 meters.

The 1,500 meters, ran From the Variation at a leisurely pace, only to be EK-qualification to secure. With 5:14.93 he remained nearly three quarters of a minute above his personal record, and he fell back to thirteenth place. At the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Berlin, from 7 to 12 August, defends Of the Variation of his European title.

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