This you should see: the wereldgoal of Bale in Champions League final

Gareth Bale did in the Champions League final with Liverpool but a few minutes are needed for its value for Real Madrid to prove. Three minutes after subbing on in the 61st minute, the Dutch boss is an announcement of full Marcelo with an incredible bicycle kick with his left leg in the intersection behind goalkeeper Loris Karius of The Reds.

The beautiful bicycle kick from Gareth Bale in the picture.

By the hit of Bale continued Real leadership. Sadio Mané had five minutes for the beautiful hit the 1-0 Karim Benzema made harmless. Also the last goal, the 3-1, came from Bale. The lefty shot from the far touch, all went Karius, like the goal of Benzema – quite the error.

Click here to view the stunning bicycle kick from Gareth Bale.

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