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Thiam about missed record: ‘This was a test, that I agree on my mouth, go take it’

The European record, she won’t, but Nafi Thiam have won in the Austrian Götzis, however, for the second year in a row the internet during the Hypomeeting. Afterwards had mixed feelings after its lesser performance in the javelin. “I have something to be excited want to do.”

“Of course I am disappointed about my javelin, the discipline that me did last year to win’, started Thiam her story.

“The javelin takes me now maybe the European record. But I tested a new run-up, and have something to be excited want to do. That is not to say that I was disappointed about the total internet. I have three personal records at seven earned, that is not min. I could after the javelin the button turn at the 800m. And only by this kind of tests with a new run-up in javelin and high jump, you can learn.’

Thiam: “I have the road for myself out to do, and that is even better than I already was. That I get on my mouth go, I accept it, therefor I have absolutely no fear.’

Hanne Maudens better than Tia Hellebaut

And yes, there is still meerkampleven at the ladies next to Nafi Thiam. Hanne Maudens is since yesterday the second best Belgian meerkampster. With 6.252 points, good for a sixth place, she does better than none other than Tia Hellebaut.

“That’s still a big name. That is super, of course. The goal was my personal record, improve, gradually, I began to believe that Tia’s record was possible. Normally I at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Berlin, even better, I have yet not everything can work out, ” says Maudens.

Noor Vidts had at the end of the first day with a back injury, the battle came to a halt.

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