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The ‘Google Maps of the 17th century’ for 600,000 euros and was auctioned off in Brussels

An exceptionally well-preserved first edition of the ‘Atlas Maior’ of the Dutch cartographer Blaeu is Saturday for 600,000 euros and sold at auction in Brussels.

The elfdelige work, which is also referred to as the ” Google Maps of the seventeenth century’, was bought by a Belgian meantime, private collector, so share the Brussels auction house Arenberg Auctions Sunday.

The amount for which the atlas will be auctioned, is about twice as high as was expected. Experts had the value of the atlas in 250,000 to 350,000 euros has been estimated.

3,000 pages

The Atlas Maior contains extremely detailed descriptions of all countries around the world. The work was between 1662 and 1665, in eleven parts, published, contains a whopping 592 cards, all with hand tinted and has more than 3,000 pages of text with descriptions of continents, regions, countries, and regions.

The atlas of Joan Blaeu (1598-1673), one of the most famous cartographers and publishers that the world has known.

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