‘Stormy Daniels approached for Big Brother’

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Stormy Daniels, known for her affair with Donald Trump, has an offer for Celebrity Big Brother in the pocket. The producer has a considerable amount of money for about to the pornoactrie within fishing.

The Daily Mail reports that the amount of 750,000 pounds. Transmitter Channel 5 TV wants Stormy is so happy that they are even willing to take the recordings to June and August to shift so that it is in her agenda fits.

The motto of this season is: “Celebrities in the public through difficult times are gone’. And it fits in with Stormy, of course, perfectly at. Endemol, which the program produces, is convinced that her participation the ratings up will push.

From the Stormy-camp is still not responded enthusiastically. According to her attorney, he gets hundreds of requests, and they will this pass let it go. But who knows that the high compensation which is the opposite still can change it…

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