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Ricciardo wins GP of Monaco despite faltering engine, Vandoorne disappointing 14th

cc1d43b6618da0a7caaeef8b1a7e30a9 - Ricciardo wins GP of Monaco despite faltering engine, Vandoorne disappointing 14th

Daniel Ricciardo has the Grand prix of Monaco won. The Australian had three-quarters of the race finishing with a faulty engine in his Red Bull, but first pursuers Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) and Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) had him in the narrow streets of the principality’t catch up. Stoffel Vandoorne was genekt by a poor strategy and finished just as the fourteenth.

The Grand prix of Monaco, also known as the crown jewel of the F1 calendar, Red Bull-field. That turned out to be earlier in the weekend when Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen invariably at the top of the time tables. Verstappen threw Saturday, however, his own glass in the slotminuten of the last free training session to crash. The mechanics were the battered Red Bull from our northern neighbour is not timely repair to the qualifications, which Verstappen as 20th and last on the grid. Team-mate Ricciardo did do what’s expected of him was his Red Bull on the first place parking.

No drama at the start

At the start went to the front of everything, in spite of the fact that the walls in Monaco, very close to the riders. Ricciardo maintained his lead for Vettel, Hamilton, Räikkönen, and Bottas. In the background he got, however, allow for the already troubled Williams team: Lance Stroll came into contact with the Sauber of Marcus Ericsson and had a flat tire in the pits, while teammakker Sergey Sirotkin a stop/go penalty was given because on the starting grid, the tyres late on his car had been assembled.

All the way in the front opened Hamilton’s strategic jousting through all in round 13 to come inside for new ultrasoft tires. Vettel was followed three rounds later for the same rubber, Ricciardo came in round 17 also to in for ultrasoft tires. The order between the three, however, remained unchanged: Ricciardo was still clearly the fastest man, while Vettel and Hamilton had to chase. In the background, began to Max Verstappen in the meantime are catching up. He soon made places well and crossed his little swords with our fellow countryman, Stoffel Vandoorne, but that fight was terminated when Vandoorne his pitstop was in lap 21.

Stir in Red Bull

Halfway through the race there was suddenly a commotion in the Red Bull camp. Ricciardo, on that point onbedreigd in the lead, reported a problem with his car. “I’m losing power,” was the somewhat timid radio message. That there is what failed on the Red Bull soon became clear when Sebastian Vettel is suddenly in Ricciardo’s mirrors loomed. The German put his ex-team-mate under pressure, but could on the narrow track, no overtaking. In the meantime, also Hamilton take a look, but the reigning world champion was able to not attack any car on Vettel. Räikkönen and Bottas fought in the meantime, to place four, but there were no inhaalacties.

Ricciardo had no other choice than to continue driving and hope that his damaged Red Bull to the finish line. The other Red Bull driver came in the meantime, close to the points: Verstappen made his only pitstop in lap 48 and came back outside on place eleven. Ex-team-mate Carlos Sainz Jr. (Renault) went quickly for the axe, after which our northern neighbour went looking for numbers seven and eight Pierre Gasly (Toro Rosso) and Nico Hülkenberg (Renault). Fernando Alonso (McLaren) drove initially for the trio, but McLaren refused service with 24 laps to go.

Clash of thuisrijder Leclerc

The riders seemed without major accidents, but six laps before the end I still miss when Charles Leclerc (Sauber) at the exit of the famous tunnel straight went. He rammed the Toro Rosso of Brendon Hartley: both riders fell off, and the virtual safety car had on the track. Just had to wait to see whether the toppers make an extra pit stop would risk it, but that didn’t happen. Ricciardo drove to his second victory of the year and his first at the GP of Monaco. Vettel was second, Lewis Hamilton was the latest man to join him on the stage. Räikkönen, Bottas, Ocon, Gasly, Hülkenberg, Verstappen and Sainz completed the top ten.

Stoffel Vandoorne didn’t know a good race. Our compatriot left as a twelfth and lost at the start immediately a place to Sergey Sirotkin, who is he by the punishment of the latter is again quickly caught up. Afterwards, our fellow countryman, very long outside on his first set of tyres. After his only pit stop came the Rumbekenaar only as seventeenth back to the track: by the uitvalbeurten of team-mate Alonso, Leclerc and Hartley would he still have three spots to win.

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