Ratings Sanne Wallis de Show collapsed

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All the fuss about the parody on the Songfestivalnummer of Netta Barzilai has the ratings of the Sanne Wallis, the Show is not done well; which are in fact almost halved.

Knew Sanne Wallis de Vries last week Saturday 862.000 viewers to captivate, yesterday, there were 351.000.

In the first episode was a parody done on the number Toy of Netta. Moreover, today, “screened at lyrics like:” Look how beautiful I bombs throw and about a celebration in the Al Aqsa Mosque, which stands still will soon be empty anyway’. The reactions would all pile up then. On Twitter was talking about Hatred, the ORGANIZATION responded to the cynical, She herself wanted only to be rid of: “A parody is a parody.” Sanne wanted to last week, nothing to say, but it seems like the parody its not well done.

The cabaratière had the past week been struggling to at all audience for the recording of the second broadcast. In a message on Twitter from Sarah is that there are free tickets being given away would be, were vitriolic comments like: “”No thank you. I’m not your toy.” Also recommended some people to the show but to cancel.

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