Rapper Josylvio stores biergooier in Staphorst

7bbb45924313aa146206fbe8760ba923 - Rapper Josylvio stores biergooier in Staphorst

Josylvio was recently at a gig in Staphorst pelted with beer and that was the rapper. He pulled out ’the offender’ to the stage and shared then with his fellow rapper Moeman a few punches.

The boy is somewhat confused forward walk if Josylvio invites him on stage. Eventually climbs he up while Moeman him in the meantime a few blows on his head. Josylvio pulls him hard to his shirt and shouts into the microphone: “you See this m*therf*cker?”

The security council decision to intervene and Moeman and Josylvio be under the loud cheering of the stage reached. Josylvio will still get a beer on him, rolled, and is so angry that he with his hand hard on the dj booth and stores. If he is then the stage has left, saves someone his cap from his head, and then again, a scuffle ensues.

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