Promostunt with cryptomunten runs dramatically off

To a new cryptomunt to promote, sent the Ukrainian socialemediabedrijf ASKfm four people to the top of Mount Everest. There buried them in a hard disk drive in which 5,000 units of the cryptomunt. The promostunt took a guide of the group, however, the life.

The four climbers claim that their companion is missing hit when he is at a given moment behind them, then went. “We went quickly to the top, and the sherpa followed not us. He remained behind, so we have not seen him, ” says Taras Pozdnii, one of the expedition members, at the Financial Times.

Research by the British business newspaper, it appears however that the sherpa of the group, to the top of the highest mountain in the world accompanied, on the road last received of whilst snow blindness. Were the climbers him helplessly left behind. He’d still not found, also convert other sherpas have a search on the rope.

Despite the tragic death of their local guide continues to ASKfm in the meantime, promotion on the launch of their cryptomunt. It is going to the company on Facebook with a photo of Taras Pozdnii, that of the mountain had to be rescued while he is injured on a hospital bed.

In addition, it encourages the Ukrainian company to others also to the summit of Everest, to attract, to the cryptomunten back there to dig.

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