Political drama in Rome, probably new elections

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The Italian president Mattarella has a euroscepticus as minister of the Economy declined, and Italy is probably for new elections.

A government of the Vijfsterrenbeweging, and the radical – right-wing Lega, the winners of the elections on 4 march in Italy, last night jumped off. The candidate of the prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, until recently, totally unknown professor of rights, gave Sunday evening after a meeting of one hour are command back to the Italian president, Sergio Mattarella.

The head of state had last week for a long time hesitated in the candidacy of Conte, because they do not have any political experience, and in march was elected in the parliament. But as soon as Matta-rella decided to Conte yet, to give the opportunity to form a government and plunged already have a following obstacle.

Conte and the Vijfsterrenbeweging, but especially the Lega insisted strongly on Paolo Savona as the new Italian minister of Economy and Finance. The 81-year-old Savona is an economist with decades of administrative experience, both at the Italian central bank, the werkgeverslobby Confindustria, as in the government, as minister of Trade and Industry, in the early nineties. But Savona is above all known as a very eurokritische economist, which is extremely negative statements made about the German power in Europe and one of the signatories of ” a practical guide for getting out of the euro, a reflection of the Link University in Rome, in 2015. A plan B is needed, Savona, to the European single currency, in order to avoid that Italy, like Greece ends’. The euro, he called without taking ” a German cage’, which is the purchasing power of the Italians would have been halved.

Financial stability

As soon as the name Savona was suggested, expressed president Mattarella all of its major concern. Since Lega and Five Stars the elections have won, are the international financial markets and European governments worried about the financial stability of Italy, the third largest economy in the eurozone. That both parties in their coalition agreement said that they the ‘European union and want to renegotiate’, reinforced these concerns. To make matters worse, they came with Savona on the gpu.

A whole Friday and a weekend-long exerted by both parties, the Lega on the head, heavy pressure on the head of the state, that that still, but Savona would accept. When Mattarella on Sunday, mordicus refused, gave candidate-premier Conte his job back.


Politically, Italy is now on its head. Some speak of ‘a coup’ by the president, and Luigi Di Maio, the political leader of the Vijfsterrenbeweging, is that the president must be sold. The members of the movement plotting a massaprotest. But according to political scientist Franco Pavoncello, the Italian president understand “very much responsibility” will be shown, ” he says by telephone from Rome: ‘Savona refused to declare that he is Italy in the euros would love. President Mattarella has carefully ensured that the constitution is respected, which states that Italy is not just from European treaties can withdraw.’

Mattarella is expected today, the reputed economist Carlo Cottarelli in his office in the Coliseum. You may get Cottarelli, a former senior official of the IMF, the question of an interim government to lead, that the budget approval and at the same time, new elections are preparing. How the markets react today, is the big question. On the one hand, there is, for them, reason for relief, now Savona from the screen is gone. On the other hand, Italy for an even longer period of political and especially the economic uncertainty.

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