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Mass adaptation for Stellar lumen: “The Register” integrated SatoshiPay

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The news magazine “The Register” from great Britain, one of the largest news platforms in the country, has entered into a partnership with SatoshiPay to make payments for your digital media and data, accept such as E-Books, with Stellar lumen.

The Register is one of the largest IT-Tech News platforms in great Britain and can be paid monthly, more than 4 million visitors. The company has decided to integrate SatoshiPay in the own platform, in order to make the payment for digital content, with Stellar lumen compatible.

SatoshiPay a payment service provider, similar to how BitPay, the company payments in crypto-currencies can be received, provided they can demonstrate a connection to SatoshiPay. SatoshiPay can handle a Partner of the Stellar network of payment transactions with the help of Stellar lumen almost in real-time.

This will give a first test run, in which the popular series of Geek’s to Britain as the Ebook is offered. To awards honor the partnership of Stellar lumen of a gift in the amount of one Million XLM to all SatoshiPay users as a free credit balance.

Gavin Clarke, editor-in-chief of the page “The Register,” describes the readers do not want to see annoying Ads on the website, but the content should otherwise be monetized (freely translated):

The publishing industry is in a struggle between readers who don’t want invasive Ads, and publishers who want to monetize their content. Recent advances in Blockchain and crypto-currencies offer the Chance for this Deadlock to break. The pilot project “Geek’s Guide to Britain” offers the opportunity to assess these developments and to give the readers the opportunity to invest in the quality of writing you expect from The Register, and at the same time generate additional income for our business.

This pilot project is intended to show whether readers of the page are willing to pay a small amount in Stellar lumen, the content of the website in return for advertising completely free to consume.

Due to the very low transaction fees this is according to CEO voon SatoshiPay, Meinhard Benn, a decisive advantage over the classic payment methods (freely translated):

We see the Blockchain technology and, above all, Stellar as an important enabler for this development. With Micropayments, publishers can meet the demand of their readers to reduced advertising while they charge a small fee for the Viewing of content

Jed McCaleb, Co-Founder of Stellar Development Foundation, is excited about this partnership and argues that it is the use of SatoshiPay and Stellar brings the Ecosystem into the Mainstream, and millions of people come into contact with it (freely translated):

This is an exciting Moment for Stellar and the crypto Community as a Whole, since it represents one of the first Mainstream applications of Blockchain-payments to achieve millions of consumers. We are proud to support SatoshiPay with the aim of Micropayments faster and more cost-effective than ever to support the publishing industry in the search for additional sources of revenue in the new digital age.

After the successful completion of the test phase of Stellar lumen wants to spend a second gift, that is also a Million XLM.

This partnership brings attention to the Stellar project, but also for the crypto market as a Whole. We are eager to put what are the other projects on the benefits of block chain technology and the adaptation of the crypto-currencies.

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