Lily Allen is himself lost

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Lily Allen has always been self-directed in their hand when it comes to her image, but after her ’break’ to have more time with her family, hit the singer, her identity is completely lost.

Lily Allen

“I was much too heavy and had to really on a diet. I ate, and I slept not,” says Lily to Bang Showbiz. “I have always had a grip on my image, but when I was just a mom in slippers and a bathrobe. I have a team hired to get my hair back into shape to get my nails and do my make-up to take care of. Quite like that ’hears’ as a pop star. I felt like Alice in Wonderland.”

“Who am I? What is all this? What music is this? And why am I not with my children? Where is the vodka? All the questions in my head went. I got myself lost and thought of myself as a bad mother and bad in my work. I was at a given moment with a huge hangover wake up in a coach and I had my husband conned. The only thing that I wanted was to see my children.”

“My marriage was broken, I was to lose my home and my mind. I sat fully on the ground and could not be more deeper sink. I was so lonely. I had all my friends lost and could with no one to talk to. I stood there alone.”

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