Liam Payne leave One Direction even revive

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Liam Payne spent Saturday, his fans in ecstasy when he during a performance of the hit History of One Direction sang. A lot of ’Directioners’ were not dry when the action on BBC Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend in Swansea images of Liam and his colleagues of the boy band were shown.

Fans expressed on Twitter their emotional reaction to his choice of History, the last hit of the band. “I cried when Liam Payne History sang on the Biggest Weekend, writes a fan. “Liam Payne I’m so proud of you. A great performance on the Biggest Weekend! Everyone danced and sang and wow! You made me cry with the History … thank you! Love you so much”, let one other lover to know. A very emotional Directioner tweets: “How could you do this to me, the video came out very hard and I ended up swimming in a bath of tears.”

The choice of the number would be a further indication that the band had a reunion plant. Liam said last month that the boys would be great to come together for a One Direction-festival.

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