Lena Headey wants stigma on depression break

Despite the fact that topics such as depression always be brought to the attention, is there still a taboo. Game of Thrones actress Lena Headley is high time that the stigma on mental health is broken.

Lena Headey

“There are always topics that are tough to discuss, as well as there are subjects where a lot of people prefer not to talk about,” says Headey during Running Wild with Bear Grylls. “But if you have nothing to share and no action is taken, you’ll be in a isolation. That is bad for everyone. How uncomfortable something also feel, it should be under the eyes, and discussable.”

“I was at a given moment to control to the doctor, when I out of nowhere burst into tears. She told me that I was suffering from postpartum depression. I did not understand and did not even know what that was. I then sought help and with the help of him, I have my life back on track. During my first year of Game of Thrones, I had the really heavy, because I was busy with discovering what it means to be a mother. It was a very strange time.”

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