K’s Choice my heart swells at the Helmut Lotti

A double celebration for Helmut Lotti. On Monday 28 may 2018 are songs central in the penultimate episode of for the Love of Music and he is by his peers also honored for his birthday. “Fantastic,” responds Helmut emotion. “I have never at a time of so many people so many gifts received. And that they also now have their souls put in my numbers, is a very beautiful gift.” Helmut Lotti goes latin, Helmut Lotti goes dance, Helmut Lotti goes Dutch: for the last time, all musical boundaries have been broken.

Helmut Lotti is the most popular classical singer in Flanders has ever known. Elvis impersonator about Flemish singer to more than 10 million records sold: the fairy tale is known. His colleagues also have choice about when they delve into his repertoire of the past 29 years. K’s Choice is the furthest back in time. “We’re going to do something that you absolutely would not expect”, teaset, Gert. Together with Sarah he brings a touching Dutch-language cover of Why Me? in 1990, Helmut straight to the throat. Niels returns to capturing helmut’s early days. He gives I did Not Know Where I Had a new dimension.

“I especially want the author-composer Helmut Lotti in the paint”, announces Cocojr. . “Because few people know that he is very nice song writing.” The reaction of Helmut on his choice for Won’t You Help Me is speaking: “Da thought ye ni?! The max! I’m going to give you ‘nen toes.” And then Coco’s latinversie yet to come… Also, the cover of Sharon on My Love Will Never die – Helmut for his daughter wrote, let him speechless behind. “This song means a lot to me.” Jasper pulls a last time all registers open with a touch of classical music. He brings Una Fortiva Lagrima. “You sing that with a whole orchestra, I am going to try only using my guitar to do”, sounds. Silvy chose with Faith, Hope and Love a number of capturing helmut’s last album. And if she does something daring…

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