Kim Jong-un wants ‘historic talks with US’

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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un still wants a top organising with American president Donald Trump. At the same time, said Trump in the White House that calls to the cancelled meeting still to keep ‘very good progress’. Thus both appear to be leaders of new life into the historic encounter to want to blow.

The South Korean president, Moon Jae-in had Saturday, an unannounced meeting with Kim Jong-un. He see on Sunday during a press conference in Seoul that the Korean leader the meeting with Trump still wants to continue.

According to Moon, there will be practical negotiations to take place with respect to the provisionally cancelled American-North-Korean summit on June 12 in Singapore. The course of those discussions will be, according to the South Korean president to determine whether it still lead to a meeting between Trump and Kim.

The North Korean leader is, according to Moon already prepared ‘to put an end to an era of confrontation, thanks to a successful summit between North Korea and the United States’. He wants the ‘historical conversations’ be sure to let continue. Also confirmed to Kim that he is always willing to the North Korean nuclear program to stop.

At the same time gave Trump in the United States again to know that the summit on June 12 is still not dead and buried and that there are calls to walk with Pyongyang. ‘It is progressing very well. We look at still the 12th of June in Singapore. That has not changed yet. We’ll see what happens, ” says the American head of state.

Meeting cancelled

Thursday blew Trump the scheduled meeting with Kim. That would continue on June in Singapore. As a reason he pointed out in a letter to the North Korean leader on the ‘huge anger’ and ‘hostility’ of the communist regime in Pyongyang. That was Tuesday the statements of the American vice-president Mike Pence ‘ignorant and stupid’ and threatened several times already, to the meeting to say.

A day later suggested that the American head of state, after conciliatory language from Pyongyang, however, that the top may be can continue. Saturday hat the White House also announced that, although it is not yet certain that the meeting continue, the united states delegation to Singapore would send to the top to prepare.

Saturday met up with Kim and Moon together in Panmunjeom, where the historic summit from april 27 to each other for the first time had spoken. The new talks, those two hours lasted, were not announced in advance and there were, according to Moon at the request of Kim. Both leaders spoke more to each other, arranged to meet and that on 1 June to restart high-level talks would be held between the two koreas.

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