Katherine Langford takes forever farewell to Hannah

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The second season of 13 Reasons Why is only a week released, but now all hope of fans for a sequel. Or Netflix now whether or not a third season, Katherine Langford will not participate more in the series.

Katherine Langford

Langford played the role of Hannah Baker in the first season commits suicide, and through thirteen tapes let us know why she has done what she has done. In the second season, the consequences of her suicide on her environment and is her story translated from the perspective of everyone around her. Hannah is in this season, only seen in flashbacks and as the imaginary friend of the character of Clay, her best friend.

What Katherine is concerned, it is now high time to 13 Reasons Why behind her. “Despite the fact that my character in the first season dies, it was important for the sequel that I was still there”, tells the actress to Entertainment Weekly. “The zelfmoordscène in season 1 was the hardest, because I then have to let go of. I thought it was really a challenge that I have her in the sequel again had to play, because it is not the real Hannah was. I played the Hannah, as others saw her. I had already said goodbye to Hannah. Season 2 was especially so also Clay parting from her could take.”

The series, based on the eponymous novel by Jay Asher, and co-produced by Selena Gomez, was last praised, and hated. Also this new season is under fire. The American interest group Parents Television Council (PTC) claimed even that Netflix the series offline. So it is still the question of whether there is even a sequel can and should come.

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