Karius offers fans Liverpool in tears, apologies to after blunders in final

Loris Karius has apologized for his blunders in the final of the Champions League. The goalkeeper of Liverpool, went on Saturday night two times a huge mistake and consequently had a large share in the 3-1 defeat of his team against Real Madrid.

“I feel terrible for my teammates, I have the final before they lost’, lamented the German. “They tried me in the dressing room to lift, but I’m so sorry.”

Immediately after the race founded Karius is all up to the fans of Liverpool. In tears he made a little apologetic gesture in the direction of the people in the stands in Kiev, giving him a warm round of applause from the English supporters.

“I feel so bad compared to the fans, the team and the whole club. My mistakes are very expensive. When I have the time back could run, I would immediately do it.”


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