Karius: “I have you all left in the lurch’

LIVERPOOL – Loris Karius has made his apologies to his teammates and the fans of Liverpool offered. The goalkeeper feels after two capital blunders responsible for the defeat against Real Madrid in the final of the Champions League (3-1).

Loris Karius goes deep through the dust

I still haven’t really slept”, tweeted he Sunday afternoon. ,,The moments, the ghosts still in my head. Time and time again. I’m sorry, infinitely many for my teammates, for your fans and for all the staff of our club. I know that I’ve ruined with those two errors and you are all in the cross have left.”

,,I would time like to want to go back, but that’s not possible”, realized Karius. ,,It’s even worse because we all had the feeling that we Real Madrid could beat. Thank you to all of our amazing fans who went to Kiev have come up and me even after the game is still supported. It is not obvious that they show that we are a big family. We will be stronger coming back.”


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