Jasmine Van Hoof and Wout were a keislecht torque

Striking message in the magazine Primo this week. Family-actress Jasmine Van Hoof has the in the magazine in the long and wide about her marital breakdown with Wout. She and Wout were a whopping 5.5 years together, but a few months ago it came to a rift between the two lovebirds. However, it had Jasmine and Wout one and the other together experienced and they made even a trip through Latin America, a trip for which the actress is even over a year out of Family left to write.

“We are there as a couple definitely emerged stronger. Wout is not only my love, he is also become my very best friend”, showed the actress in early 2017 to record. Remain the best of friends with Wout? That is not a problem after the marital breakdown of a few months ago. “Since 1 december I’m actually single,” says Jasmine in the Beginning. “Wout and I have our relationship after 5.5 years terminated. I’m ready to talk about it.”

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