Ian McKellen: ’Gays don’t exist in Hollywood’

Ian McKellen, one of the first movie stars who openly came out for his orientation, is Hollywood. According to the 78-year-old actor gives the film industry is still not a good reflection of the society.

Ian McKellen

In an interview with Time Out is McKellen asked for his opinion about the young Dumbledore, not explicitly as a gay man down is set in the follow-up Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. “Oh, is that so? That is a pity. But alas, they are there Hollywood also only just behind that there is not only white people exist. Hollywood treats women in all possible ways is bad, and gays exist, simply don’t.”

However, he argues that the film Gods and Monsters 1998 has ensured that there is a climate, in which there is more acceptance arose. “It was then that Hollywood finally that there is gays. Remarkable because half of Hollywood is gay. My orientation has taken me 25 years ago, even a role cost. Fortunately that is not the case now. If I with the young actors talks about equal rights for gays, they understand nothing of. It is now no more.”

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