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Goffin escaped in the first round Roland Garros: countryman bends 2-0 deficit to win

29d2087ead113333edbfe382d5143c74 - Goffin escaped in the first round Roland Garros: countryman bends 2-0 deficit to win

David Goffin (ATP 8) has with great difficulty qualified for the second round at Roland Garros. Our countryman came 2-0 behind against the Dutchman Robin Haase (ATP 44), but Goffin showed character and fought back. Eventually, he won with 3-2 (4-6, 4-6, 6-4, 6-1 and 6-0).

The Dutchman Robin Haase (ATP 44), seemed to advance not a difficult customer to be allowed for David Goffin, the number eight in the world ranking. Unfortunately for Goffin, it soon became clear that the 31-year-old Haase is not going to would be let aside. All of it was Goffin who consider themselves the das did it in a hearty grasp errors. Our compatriot saw are storage more often broken than loved him was all he could a few times terugbreken. With a 4-4 intermediate position pushed Haase, whereupon the first set to the Dutchman went: 6-4.

Goffin fights back, Haase complains about light

Haase took the gas back and opened the second set with a break. Goffin got himself some breakpunten, but could not redeem. Haase went so something. Later in the set, broke Goffin anyway, by the storage of the Dutchman, but to no avail: the second set went 6-4 loss. In the third set, Goffin finally wakes up: he started with a break, and had finally, what better game to see. Haase also received some breakpunten, but committed some errors. So it was Goffin who is the third set picked up: again it was 6-4 to the verdict.

Haase felt that he’s in control of the match, lost and went several times at the referees complain about the lighting conditions, in an attempt to the remainder of the party tomorrow to finish off. In the fourth set saw the audience finally glimpses of the Goffin that we all know. Haase could have had one point, but Goffin took out with ease in the fourth set: 6-1.

Mental dominance

It took a long time for the fifth and decisive set could commence. Haase tried out all power to the fifth set not to allow them to continue, but that set went eventually start. The mental superiority of Goffin could not be clearer: aces followed each other at an alarming rate, and Haase could almost no ball to hit. With a dry 6-0, the party decides in favor of Goffin, who doorstoot to the second round, but so very well off.

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