Go Lily-Rose Depp go to bed with her father?

cc1e9594ed0b65aa872c60f2e851b43f - Go Lily-Rose Depp go to bed with her father?

The daughter of Johnny Depp and his ex Vanessa Paradis has a difficult decision to make. She goes whether or not the sheets to share with her father?

Lily-Rose Depp

According to HLN is Lily-Rose Depp by a French production company approached for a movie or miniseries about the life of her mother Vanessa. And who can well better voice than her very daughter. Lily-Rose was finally the looks of her mother, but the talent of her father Johnny Depp. In addition, it would be promotional, given the icing on the cake, as the young Depp ’yes’ says on this proposal.

Yet know that Lily-Rose is still not sure whether they are the young version of her mother, and wants to play. This means also that the happy years of Vanessa and Johnny Depp to play, including the love scenes. And understand that the young actress is still very kinky. Her mother shares this opinion and finds it a strange idea. So it is wait and see if producers can get Lily-Rose Depp to tie.

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