Ex-wife man Hilde De Baerdemaeker’s best friend

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Saturday was Hilde De Baerdemaeker is a guest at Evi Hanssen in The Holy House of Hanssen on Joe. During the program, told Hilde about plusmama: “The ex of my husband is one of my best friends”. What do you mean?

Evi and Hilde talked about Hilde as plusmama and her relationship with the ex of her husband: “Each and I know each other very well. With the years is that one of my best friends has become. That is, of course, has grown, because in the beginning it is difficult. What is there for us to ensure that it is a positive situation, is that we knew where we need to focus on, and what connects us. That are the children and we want them properly trained. People look at us crazy when we’re together on a trip or on a weekend. Yes, and that goes with us. We know that we are already many years, connected to each other. Then we can just as well be something pleasant. And Pieter, and Each are the leaders in been. Who have just said against Any one’s friend and me: if you come into our lives, then take you past it. We now provide together for the children and that creates a bond. I love her, from the bottom of my heart. I find Every one fantastic mama.”

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