‘Ex wants to be part of the legacy George Michael

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Kenny Goss, who for fifteen years past had a relationship with George Michael, wants to claim a part of the legacy of the singer. He would already have a lawyer, have hired in order to submit a claim.

George Michael and Kenny Goss

According to the Daily Mail, will Goss that he was entitled to, because he is the deceased singer has supported during his most turbulent years. So did he already know the drugs of Michael by the toilet is flushed to his addiction to limit. A friend let us know: “George has always been against Kenny said that he would provide. They were very long a couple and Kenny has so much paid him any attention. Now, he has not the feeling that the testament of this good reflects.”

The rumors are that Michael, who in 2016 died, his money and possessions with a value of 105 million pounds has bequeathed to his sisters Melanie and Yioda. At the time of his death, had the singer in a relationship with Fadi Fawaz. He also hired earlier this year a lawyer in order to be part of the legacy of the absurd. In addition, he refuses from the house of Michael in London to leave and he would sell goods because he was broke.

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