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European record in the visor: Nafi Thiam wins the long jump in Götzis

10a8075f93724369b084bb2fefb914a8 - European record in the visor: Nafi Thiam wins the long jump in Götzis

Nafi Thiam has at the Hypomeeting in Austrian Götzis after the high jump, the long jump and won. She approached the Belgian record to one centimeters, and flew to a new personal record of 6m62. Her ahead of schedule for her own Belgian record of zevenkamp is now 75 points.

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Those who thought that Thiam on the second day, however, what is harder would get, was disappointed. Her first jump in the verspringbak was with 6m47 immediately excellent. At the second attempt it flew to the win and a new personal record of 6m62, before this, it was that on 6m58. Thiam approached the Belgian record of Sandrine Hennart, to one centimeters, and exceeded the limit for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Berlin, which 6m60. Also Hanne Maudens did well. She was seventh with 6m36 and moves on to the seventh place.

The advantage of Thiam in the Us number two Erica Bougard is now 126 points. If the Belgian olympic champion in the remaining two trials, her personal records equals, improves the European record with 56 points. The record of the Swedish Carolina Klüft of 7.032 points, in other words, in the visor, but then Thiam in the javelin in the near come of her own spectacular Belgian record of 59m32.

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