English part in German amusement park destroyed By ’terrible sin’

6c4837c074ff66ed08ded74bed6b8a3d - English part in German amusement park destroyed By ’terrible sin’

REST The big German amusement park Europa-Park will open Sunday, ’just’ the doors after the devastating fire on Saturday. The fire was the Dutch themadeel of the park for a large part in the ashes. Lovers of the park talking on Twitter with their horror over the devastation. Also the Scandinavian part was severely affected.

Huge plumes of smoke rise from the hard-hit amusement park.

The fire broke out in a storage room in the attraction Pirates of Batavia. Which lies in the thematic area the Netherlands. The fire continued to develop, initially rapidly, but the fire department has the fire under control.

As far as is known, there are no injuries. After the outbreak of the fire around 18.00 hours, all of the people in the park were evacuated. Approximately 25,000 people visited Saturday, the Europa-Park. The cause is still unclear.

The German theme park, the largest in Germany, was in 1975, opened and is located some fifty kilometers south of Strasbourg. It also attracts many Dutch visitors.

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