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Emergency services should a participant cpr after 20 km through Brussels

The emergency services have one participant must revive after the 20 km through Brussels. That person would in the meantime be stable. Also four others had to go to the hospital and approximately 120 participants had on-the-spot need care. Twenty cases had clearly to do with the heat, coupled with the considerable efforts.

The nearly 38.000 runners from 128 different nationalities who were enrolled in the 39 edition of the 20 km through Brussels, have been able to enjoy milder weather conditions than predicted. That the organizers of the running event declared.

Premier Michel gave the start signal. Rudi Vervoort, the European Commissioner Marianne Thyssen and judokampioen Toma Nikiforov were in the appointment, together with European president Donald Tusk, deputy prime minister Alexander De Croo and French-speaking community minister for education, Marie-Martine Schyns. Also victims of the terrorist attacks in Brussels were of the party.

There was advance a lead heat predicted, but in practice it fell well with it. There were 350.000 bottles were handed out. There was also a sunscreen distributed.

Red Cross en masse on the spot

Around 16.30 hours, the Red Cross, a closing balance sheet of the medical interventions. Provisionally, they had 120 times to intervene, 60 times on the road, and 60 times to the arrival, a spokesman at VRT NWS said. In at least ten cases, it was dehydration and overheating. One participant had after the finish even resuscitated. The person was taken to the hospital and would in the meantime be stable.

Typically, in such an event 400 to 700 participants cared for, or one to half a minute.

The Red Cross was with 430 volunteers on the spot. There were as many as 14 medical stations along the course. There was also a support vehicle which opgevers a month and in addition were 12 ambulances and three medical interventiewagens available.

Frenchman wins men, fellow women

The Frenchman Hassan Chahdi, the victory in pocket. He won in a time of 1.02.56. The podium was completed by our compatriots Arnaud Dely (1.04.16) and Lander Van Droogenbroeck (1.05.05). Chahdi ran the 20 km of Brussels in preparation for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS of athletics in Berlin from the end of August.

For the women, the victory for triathlete Alexandra Tondeur (1.14.38). Tondeur let Kim Geypen (1.16.46) and Amélie Saussez (1.17.44).

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