Elderly couple refuses to completion to leave home

a17516bfe2b042959e865e8d2193435d - Elderly couple refuses to completion to leave home

BREDENE – All they get a couple million offered, the 86-year-old Louis and his partner refuse their home in the Belgian coastal town of Bredene to leave. In the meantime, there is an apartment complex right next to their house is built, what is rather remarkable-looking.

The neighbors are a time ago bought the big money of the developers, but Louis let his house not be demolished.

The elderly man built the house 56 years ago with his own hands and wants his old day wear. “They have so many offer if they want, but what do I need at my age with a few million”, says the man in front of the camera to VTM News.

Louis finds the building is not pretty, but look at the positive. “If the winds come from the north, it is now warmer with me.”

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