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Daimler presented MobiCoin at Mobile World Congress

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The German car maker Daimler has unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the “MobiCoin”. The MobiCoin is a project in which 500 volunteers Mercedes Benz driver, currently the test can participate. The aim of the project is to reward drivers of environmental behaviour-efficient driving.

The project “MobiCoin” is based on the Blockchain technology and is being tested since mid-February over the period of 3 months in a Beta-testing by the 500 volunteers.

From the data of acceleration, braking and speed to calculate the Software a “Eco-Score” for the driver. Depending on the environment he is driving by, for example, often roll, not too fast or the liquid accelerates, the more points you can gather, the driver in the Form of the “Mobicoins”. The obtained “Eco-Score” can see the driver then in a App.

According to the company blog by Mercedes, the Declaration is made (in the current test phase) very quickly and easily. You only need a registration code to the vehicle register, then install the App and you’re done. Within the App there are a Community Feature where you can compare yourself with other riders and their “Eco Score” in the Form of the MobiCoins.

Within the current test phase, the best test riders can win prizes, like tickets to a DTM race or the Fashion Week in Berlin. Currently it is not known whether the driver can exchange the MobiCoins later in Fiat currencies.

Currently the project from our point of view, but looks strong for a bonuses and loyalty program, similar to Payback. Not only will be rewarded the customer for buying in a specific store with loyalty points, but for environmentally-friendly driving a car. Certainly, the project should, if it is eventually accessible for everyone should be to achieve a certain re-education effect towards a more environmentally friendly driving a car. A laudable approach, in order to protect the environment.

With the introduction of the MobiCoins at the Mobile World Congress continues the Trend that German automotive manufacturers are increasingly driving on the Blockchain technology for a connected car. Last VeChain had announced a partnership with BMW. IOTA has been working for some time with Volkswagen.

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