Charli XCX take on for Girls-colleague Rita Ora

a651e4f2bfac0cc92d9cb156ca3695c0 - Charli XCX take on for Girls-colleague Rita Ora

Charli XCX has spoken out about the controversy that arose after the release of the single Girls of Rita Ora. Charli worked with Cardi B and Bebe Rexha on the number. Rita sings, inter alia, that they sometimes girls want to kiss if they red wine. About that text originated on the social media fuss, because the singer would suggest that alcohol was necessary for a lovemaking session with the same gender.

“I think that the dialogue around this issue is very important,” says Charli XCX in Rolling Stone. “I try as much as possible to be involved in the LGBTQ community. Without that community would be my career never took off,” says the British singer, who much works with emerging LGBTQ artists as ALMA, Mykki Blanco and Kim Petras.

“I could totally find in the reactions,” says Charli about posts on social media from colleagues that the record for Rita Ora. “Of course it was never the intention of the song to hurt anybody. None of the artists in this song would ever upset want to make or want to hurt.”

Charli knows that the song Girls have a lot of meaning for Ora, who, following the fuss out of the closet came out as bisexual. “I know that Rita is very serious relationships with both men and women. She really has every right to tell her story because she does not do it from an exploitative point of view: she had relationships with women. She also has relationships with men. I don’t understand why her story is less valid than that of anyone else,” says XCX about Ora.

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