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BTCM 2018 in food – mood of optimism in the crypto world

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The Blockchain Tech Crypto Meetup (BTCM) is 2018 in the second round. In the Blockchain, Hotel in Essen, entrepreneurs, miners, traders and all other types of crypto-enthusiasts come together to talk about the Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and decentralized future.

It is not a typical Blockchain-event in the Unperfekthaus in Essen. While you can save at these kinds of Events is rare before the word “ICO”, and the technical innovations often occur in the Background, it’s here, many in fact, the Blockchain. Here you can get, which means crypto-enthusiasm, Whether in the areas of regulation, anonymity, or crypto-Assets – in all the discussions enthusiasm.

A spirit of optimism in the BTCM 2018

And mood: The disruptive Potential of the Blockchain technology to use instead of just look at the quick money. Sure, somewhere it’s always about money, but often also a question of how you can make this a bit more fairly, and what hurdles have to take the Community.

For example, there is Benjamin cherry of Winheller, looks into the regulatory future of Bitcoin & co.: There’s quite a lot to us. Also, the taxation of crypto currencies was a question that was discussed. So Anka voice Hakert, must theoretically pay tax on each individual Trade. Not according to the documentation for the tax authorities, where appropriate, a criminal offence. On the legal framework of ICOs Steffen Hartmann reported.

In addition, it always went back to digital capital and how to create: Whether it’s the Mining (Rainer Jakob), on the Blockchain (Eric Holst) or ICOs (Dr. Philipp Sandner) or at a Trading Workshop – there is a lot to learn.

Also, there was the question of how one can replace cash: Jan Heinrich Meyer from Dash spoke about the challenges of digital cash. The question that is always in the room: What we can all do in order for crypto currencies to arrive in the middle of the company? The opinions were different, but one thing was clear: we need To educate and try to create understanding.

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Again and again, Disruption

Again and again it came to the topic of Disruption: Whether the media (Hendrik Hey), the tourism and Hotel industry (marrow Crouton) or questions about the distribution of data (Eugen Salkutzan) and digital identity (Oliver Naegele) – the undertone, the pay in the talks, referred to the fact, to ensure a fairer distribution.

The Team of Bitcore presented a prototype of a new machine for your project.

The issue of anonymity in crypto-payments to BTC-ECHO-editor Alex Roos took. In his presentation, it went to Monero, and how the crypto-currency Bitcoin takes off.

But also outside there was a lot to take. There is no participant was that there were no interesting topics to discuss. What struck me particularly: people of different origin, mentality and Motivation to connect via the Blockchain – to the BTCM 2018 in food.

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