Begir Memeti wait impatiently on a large role

0463521f0f6c814b686905db77cfebb9 - Begir Memeti wait impatiently on a large role

In The Latest News comes Begir Memeti to the word. For four years he played Faroud in the Family, but a large role in the ‘large’ sets of remains. “I have no idea how that comes,” he says. “I don’t know why some actors almost get everything and others almost nothing. Maybe it has to do with ‘networking’? Maybe it creates a connection when you are together, graduates? I find it a pity. Sometimes I go to a tv series to watch, and then I think: what the actor does, I had pretty much done as well.” Now he has a small role in ‘Spider in the Web’ with Ben Kingsley. He has six shooting days. “I have just two days of the six behind the back. I plays the role of a small bit player, but I steal with my eyes and learn so much. Such a actor like Sir Ben Kingsley, who comes to the lecture, and knows his text to rats from the outside. That I had never experienced. At this point, I realize that I have to do even better to prepare for.”

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