Again fuss to 13 Reasons Why

The Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why is again under fire. Seen about the first season quite a lot of fuss is created because of the explicit images of suicide, shows to the streaming service now has a warning that it may not be a good idea to do the series without guidance. That turns out to not be for nothing…

The cast of 13 Reasons Why

Although the promise is fulfilled that the zelfmoordscène from season 1 not being repeated, have the makers of a new scene devised that allows viewers shocked. The American interest group Parents Television Council (PTC) claimed even that Netflix the series offline.


“The content and topics are even worse than expected. It is a ticking time bomb for children and teens that the series look. We had rather seen that it is now going to be thirteen reasons for hope and redemption, but instead of viewers the courage to speak, 13 Reasons Why only more reasons to despair.”

PTC director Melissa Henson: “If you watch the series watch while you are depressed, you feel the end is certainly not better. If you don’t have to suffer from depressed feelings, then the series for that. We ask parents and schools to make the next time extra alert.”


In the last episode is to see how one of the students in gruesome manner, with a mop is raped after he is firmly in the other, is beaten. The victim will hereafter take vengeance on the perpetrators by them on the fraud after shoot down.

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