A lot of support for vegetarian food on Milkshake

The plan of the festival Milkshake for only vegetarian food to sell, is overwhelmingly positively received. Various CELEBRITIES, such as Georgina Verbaan, Janine Abbring and Arjen is Well-talked on social media this weekend, support for the initiative.

Verbaan responded on Twitter to criticism from a liberal party member of the stadsdeelcommissie centre who complained that the decision of Milkshake, the “individual agency” in the capital are affected. “I don’t want to forced to eat vegetarian food by the organization,” he says. Verbaan is that crap. “If they have a festival without flesh can give that right? You need to go there. And how bad is a day without meat well at all?”

Also, Janine Abbring drives the spot with the complainants. “What a shame, we can’t let that happen with all in this country, people?! There are volunteers prepared pieces of bacon and slavinken over the festivalhek to aim for this boy?!” she writes. Arjen is Well-connect to. “There were some more places for hetero-and meat-eaters in the world, eh? You could almost sneak to a gay festival, and just five hours no dead animals in your mouth. But yes, that is very far.”


During the seventh edition of Milkshake on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 July is no meat for sale. “We surprise us about some of the violent reactions,” says organiser Marieke Samallo. “We have also not the egg of Columbus invented the Digital Festival in Amsterdam serves for three years no meat more. Also we are now taking our responsibility.”

Milkshake is a festival that stands for inclusiveness, love and a better world, advocated Samallo. “We have publieksenquêtes done which showed that the large majority of the visitors it welcomes. You need to calculate how much litres of water to make a hamburger costs. And the number of foodtrucks at the festival where we meat sold was already very limited.”

Also the toilets are more sustainable in the festival. In cooperation with Ecotoilet and Waternet is phosphate from the stool, which in the Dixies is collected, removed. For aggregates, use is made of biodiesel and especially for the festival, with Slimstroomplan a Smart Power Plan is developed that should result in minimal use of electricity.

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