Wardrobes design duo Viktor and Rolf still army

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The design duo Viktor and Rolf is working daily with the design and make of clothing, but their own wardrobes are in the course of the years, considerably thinned out.

“I notice that I no longer need very much,” says Viktor Horsting (49) in conversation with the AD.

“That depends, but to hang and eventually, you wear 20 percent of your wardrobe. So, I choose now for a good tuxedo and coat, a small collection of shoes and some trousers.”

His design partner Rolf Snoeren (48) connect to. “My wardrobe is not exactly spectacle. What jackets, between ten and fifteen pairs of trousers, most jeans. I’m in that area, low maintenance, have few clothes, use hardly any cosmetics.”

Cords likes to have special designs to think up and create for others. “But I don’t. I feel good in what I wear now: Nike shoes, a Lee-jeans and a sweater which I don’t even know where it comes from. A bit generic, actually.”

Frivolous modeklimaat

Horsting, who, with Cords for 25 years, a design duo is, reception is also more and more to the “waste and levity of the modeklimaat”.

“You see it on all kinds of surfaces. Stylists of the stars that you ask for a dress to make that day after tomorrow, in Hollywood, of the major chains that are environmentally unfriendly to produce and all the collections went awry, fellow designers who quickly want. Everything is after a season thrown away, while we need things to hold on to, to ponder: how do you keep the materials, designs, and memories longer.”


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