Vitesse is being sequenced

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Vitesse is on its third owner in eight years time. The great unknown Alexander Chigirinsky has his shares of 99 percent transferred to Valery Oyf, who already, as a commissioner, was involved in the Arnhem club. “Together with the directors, the management, technical staff, players and employees I want to continue to build on the success of Vitesse,” says Oyf.

Owner Alexander Chigirinsky in conversation with Kees Bakker

The Odessa-born Russian has a fortune made in the oil industry, and mining and was a director active in the parts of the world, Gazprom, Rosneft and Highland Gold Mining Company. Oyf is located in the inner circle of Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich.
He was also general director of Millhouse Capital, a company in which many of the business interests of the Chelsea owner are to be found. Oyf will have as owner his position in the supervisory board remain. General director Joost de Wit thinks that Vitesse at Oyf is in good hands and will not see any Russian bears on the road. “In fact, there is little change.”

Chigirinsky is the big unknown remained. What role will Oyf fulfill?

The White: “We get with Oyf an owner who is much more present. Chigirinsky has on the background level, and is only twice in the Gelredome. He was still in the business and the Vitesse was for him but one of the many projects, while Oyf, only one commissioner has next to Vitesse and much more directly involved in the club. Also, as a commissioner, that it was so.”

Is that greater involvement only positive or are there also disadvantages? The previous trainer Henk Fraser and the previous technical director Mo Allach were focused on the interference of the then commissioner Oyf.

“That’s already been raised. Oyf was especially excited and showed his commitment, but at the end of the Vitessenaren that the decisions on the voetbalvlak. The trainer decides on the establishment, while Marc van Hintum as technical director and I, as general manager responsible for the policy.”

What means the acquisition by Oyf on the financial position of Vitesse?

“Nothing, the sponsorship, such as that which existed under Chigirinsky is acquired by Oyf. The financial future of Vitesse is guaranteed.”

In eight years of Jordania by Chigirinsky to Oyf. What should the Vitesse-supporter think, that the club now have a new owner?

“I do not know whether the supporters are so worried about. We should also not be too exciting all. At Vitesse working real Vitessenaren Edward’s Control, Nicky Garden, Raimond van der Gouw, Theo Janssen and Marc van Hintum, when I, myself, for five years, am active as a general director. I think that for the supporters much more decisive than who is there in the background, the major shareholder is.”

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