Van der Vaart: ’Kamikazevoetbal of Real Madrid”

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Rafael van der Vaart played between 2008 and 2010 for Real Madrid and wears the Royal still with a warm heart. But he is not convinced that his former employer tonight in the Champions League final with Liverpool out.

Rafael van der Vaart in the service of Real Madrid

“There are two great teams facing each other,” says the analyst of Veronica, who looks back on two fantastic years in Madrid.

‘Gun Van Dijk and Wijnaldum the best’

“I’ve always said that I am deeply grateful that I, with my Spanish background for Real Madrid, the biggest club in the world, have allowed to play. I have two beautiful have had for years, played a lot, a lot of goals made, but unfortunately no awards. It is not that I, tonight, a hole in the air spring if Real score a goal.”

Stronger: “I think it’s great that there with Georginio Wijnaldum and Virgil van Dijk two Dutch in the final, and that gun I also the best. As Real for the fourth time in five years to win, it is unique and for the Dutch football would be a victory of Liverpool are good.” The former player of Ajax, HSV, Tottenham Hotspur and Orange refers to the Spanish club ’slightly favorite’.

Real not as strong’

One thing is for the 109-fold international however. “Real is not as strong as the past few years. At home against Juventus they may fly out. And Bayern Munich was about two matches will be seen stronger. It is a kind of kamikazevoetbal, where the or all are lucky, or very, very wrong, but they turned out to be a hunch anyway, once again save. After a 3-0 victory in Turin, it is bizarre that you at home against Juventus with all the luck in the world, will continue. And in the league they have actually a very bad season, but they are yet again in the final.”

Van der Vaart hopes to have an appropriate slot of the miljoenenbal. “I found it this year, finally, a Champions League, for which you on the edge of your seat and sat down. It was the most fun tournament of the last ten years: great! Thanks to Mo Salah, who for the general public from the nothing came and wonderful things showed. And Liverpool, with Jürgen Klopp is a top trainer, who excellent has dropped.”

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