Tens of thousands of French on the streets against Macron

9447614b895030dd8b86736536116e1e - Tens of thousands of French on the streets against Macron

In France, the Saturday, again tens of thousands of people against the reform policies of president Emmanuel Macron to protest and more social justice demanded.

According to the trade union CGT were Saturday in Paris alone, there are 80,000 people take to the streets raised, according to the politieteller, there were 21.000. Slogans such as ” Let us make the government shake’ or ‘Neglected, Ignored,’ it said on the signs read.

Around sixty organizations were the popular movement (‘Marée popular”) is called up, among them various trade unions and left-wing party ‘La France Insoumise’. For months, argue left-wing critics against the various reforms of the head of state, which they use as the ” president of the rich’ label.

In Paris was, according to the channel BFMTV on the sidelines of the demonstration a police officer by a projectile injured. Large incidents, however, there were not. After the heavy riots during the demonstrations of may 1 in Paris were the security measures for the demonstrations expanded.

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