Tascha & Ian are the winners of Belgium’s Got Talent

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The acrobatic dansduo Tascha & Ian has the fifth edition of Belgium’s Got Talent won. The pair defeated eleven other act, during the finals of the talent show on VTM. They go with 50,000 euros to the house.

The 19-year-old couple from Knokke-Heist and Boom, brought in the finale, an emotional dance on Tom Walkers hit ‘Leave a Light On’ with some difficult lifts. Thus they could both the jury and the public to convince.

“Is this real? Wow, this we had not expected”, responded the two shortly after the announcement. What to do with the money are going to do, is not yet completely clear. “I’ve got to my mom promised to go to the Philippines to go, so that we certainly do. But in addition, we will also save for something fun to do,” said Ian.
Ian Lodens for this program never danced before and is a world champion jujitsu in the making with the topsportstatuut. Natasha Van Es is a former topgymnaste of 1m50. The two got to know each other during a ceremony with minister of Sport Philippe Muyters. Specifically for Belgium’s Got Talent, they were a dansact and that without the help of a coach. Successfully so, because in the final they beat, among other DrumSpirit, acrobat Gilles Thiry, the dansduo Twice, acrobat Mathias Goethals and rhythmic gymnast Aya Couroble.

The final of Belgium’s Got Talent missed? On the TV Replay you watch the program for up to 36 hours later, when you want!

Here you can discover the twelve finalists!

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