Sunday slotshow Everyone Against Cancer

The slotshow of all against Cancer on Sunday, may 27 broadcast live from the Videohouse in Vilvoorde. Along with all the viewers, we are calling on everyone who has not yet paid a penny to contribute, then Everyone against Cancer campaign is a nice way to exit.

Peter Van de Veire and Danira Boukhriss Terkessidis lead the slotshow in the right direction. Peter and Danira receive different people who took part in the campaign. They present to tried and tested recipe of a mix of poignant documentary, musical acts and interesting chats, which again will prove why the fight against cancer is so important.

Also several tv faces work on the slotshow. Dieter Coppens brings to cancer patients in a taxi to the day hospital and talk with them about how they the terrible disease trying to overcome. Kristel Verbeke speaks with a young girl about cancer and know just like in Kinderkopkes the intimacy to preserve. Lieve Blancquaert makes a report on the basis of moving images. In addition, Teen-face Doctor Bea, along with the Flemish Universities to ask questions to experts.

There are again musical performances of, among others, Gers Pardoel, Sylvie De Bie, Bart Peeters, Niels Destadsbader, The Ketnetband members, Maureen, Matthew and Charlotte, Sharon den Adel, Noemie Schellens and the Brussels Philharmonic.

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