Staff Bozar is angry

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The staff of the Bozar is close to despair. That is in a letter in which the a motion of no claim against its management. The Standard brings the news. In the week of 4 June, a meeting between the chairman of the board of directors of the Brussels house of culture and representatives of the staff. The reason for that call is a motion of distrust, which the staff submitted at ceo and artistic director Paul Dujardin and operational director of the Albert Wastiaux. “We have statistics that show that employees often 11 hours a day must work to the instructions of the board of management to run”, said Marie-Isabelle Joris from the liberal trade union VSOA in Bruzz, that the news came out. ‘These requirements are often absurd. Performances move constantly and sometimes randomly of the room. That is but one e-mail for the board of directors, but for the staff is that organizationally, a lot of work.’

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