Richard Branson trains for space trip

b00500c2cf0716c82c83d0f7cdd6597b - Richard Branson trains for space trip

The British billionaire Richard Branson says he is on a space trip preparing. ‘We’re talking about months, not years. There will be exciting times.”

“I do the training of an astronaut, I do fitness, centrifuge and other training sessions, so that my body hopefully will respond if I have the space, inga,” he says to the BBC.

The 67-year-old entrepreneur hopes that he, as one of the first ruimtetoeristen. ‘If you really want to enjoy the experience, then you must be as fit as possible”.

A few years ago, Virgin Galactic is by far the best paper with full-fledged space tourism start-up. But in a test on October 31, 2014 collapsed the spaceship down. The test pilot was killed. Earlier this year, the company once again a supersonic test flight with its SpaceShipTwo. With success.

Branson invests since 2004 in commercial aerospace. Also, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos bet on space tourism. Branson believes that the fight for the first time currently, especially when it comes between him and Amazon founder Bezos. ‘It is a neck-to-nekrace.’

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