Putin and Abe exhort to restraint in Korean conflict

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In the Korean conflict should not be allowed to a new confrontation, said Russian president Vladimir Putin on Saturday during a meeting with Japanese prime minister shinzo Abe in Moscow.

In the region needs to be an atmosphere of peace can be maintained, said Putin, according to press agency TASS. Russia maintains good diplomatic contacts with North Korea. Japan feels North Korean nuclear weapons programme threatened.

Abe urged North Korea to a complete and verifiable denuclearisering. ‘Russia and Japan will maintain close contacts, that North Korea is heading in the right directions, ” said the Japanese prime minister.

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The past few days, the Us president, Donald Trump for any concern by its variable course in its policy towards North Korea. First he had the long-awaited summit with the North Koreraanse leader Kim Jong Un cancelled and not much later he closed the meeting than yet again. For the moment it is just guess work whether the top is still feasible.

Putin and Abe also discussed possible steps to settle the dispute over the southern Koerileneilanden. Russia had the group of islands in the Pacific Ocean during the Second world War occupied. Japan demands that the archipelago will be returned. The argument is the reason why Moscow and Tokyo since the Second world War still no peace treaty signed.

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