Platini hopes that the suspension will be lifted after the acquittal Swiss justice

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Michel Platini is hopeful that his suspension by FIFA for two and a half years later it still is unblocked. The Frenchman draws hope from the fact that he was not prosecuted by the Swiss authorities.

The ex-president of the European football association UEFA received earlier this week a letter from the Swiss prosecutor’s office stating that he need not fear for further legal action.

“The first word that come to mind is finally” shows the 62-year-old Platini is relieved in an interview with the French newspaper Le Monde. The ex-footballer was at the end of 2015 as a result of an illegal payment by Sepp Blatter suspended by FIFA, making him four for a long time not ‘football-related activities’ are allowed to run.

Platini is relieved that, after years of litigation, finally a stroke of luck. “It is long ago that I only hope harbored in my fight against the people who took me out of political considerations do want to switch.”

“The Swiss prosecutor was my only lifeline, because of the FIFA, I have been long humiliated, murdered, and buried. This is a big relief because it is annoying to have a feeling of guilt when you know you have nothing done wrong. I have three years on this decision to wait.”


By the decision of the Swiss authorities cherishes Platini, that the idea that he is the victim of a conspiracy, also the hope that his suspension lifted by FIFA.

“We will see whether those who now have their say in FIFA and the legal authorities there is the same opinion held,” said Platini, who first quietly, waiting for what they are at the headquarters of the wereldvoetbalbond with this Swiss judgment.

The Frenchman is not planning itself, the case was reopened. “Hopefully the FIFA that. I think that they would also recognize what they have done and that they do not want to restore. If not, then my lawyers and I see what the next steps are.”

If the light for a return to the football on the green, then Platini that’s not likely to fail. “But how and when, I will first take about thinking. But I’ll be back, football is my life.”


Blatter is pleased with the decision of the Swiss justice. The now 82-year-old driver was just as Platini is suspended and can again see some light at the end of the tunnel, so he writes on Twitter. “The acquittal of Platini is good news for me. I look forward to how this case will develop further.”

The former president of the global football association did in 2011 with a doubtful payment of around 1.8 million euros to Platini, who was UEFA’s president was. The Swiss is himself until 2021 suspended by FIFA.

Selon “Le Monde” Platini blanchit! C’est un signe positif pour moi, et j’attends avec confiance le développement de ce cas. #Fifa #Uefa #FFF #SFV #CAFÉ #Le Monde


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