Pharrell asked J Balvin feel free after crash

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Pharrell Williams drew J Balvin feel free after these in August 2016, when a plane crash involved. That tells the Colombian artist in an interview with FunX dj Fernando Halman on the site Halman had an exclusive interview with J Balvin.

Pharrell Williams and J Balvin

The singer, known for the mega-hit Machika, was almost two years ago, involved in an aviation disaster to ” when he returned from a vacation in the Bahamas. Managed the unit in which he was not to rise, and the private jet crashed shortly after departing from the runway. His good friend Pharrell Williams called him after the crash to say that he the accident has survived because he was here apparently for a reason.

It is a moment in his life that has a major impact on J Balvin has had. “From that day I realize that I have a mission and that is that I want to inspire,” he said of Halman. J Balvin finds himself still an emerging artist that is still a lot to learn. “Every day I live my dream.”

That doesn’t mean that everything to him is so easy. He has to work hard to. “You need true friends who you can be honest and tell you what works and what doesn’t”, let J Balvin his secret. “You must believe in what you are doing. In the beginning you always have someone to look up to, and things to copy from others, but at a given moment you have your own sound. Work, work, work.” The fifth album of J Balvin, Vibras, came Friday.

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