Peter Van de Veire try to be on time to rest

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Peter Van de Veire lives as a duracellkonijn. Ochtendradio, slotshow Come On against Cancer, Marathonradio… Anyway, he is no superman. That he says this weekend in Hi. “I still remember the very first two weeks that I ochtendshow did on Studio Brussel. That was in april 2006. I did in the afternoon, no nap, lay in the evening pretty late in bed and just did continue with my life as before. I thought: ‘is it that?’ Everything went supervlot. But then it went into my body in the er and I got a serious knock. I realized I was no superman. I do that ochtendshows for twelve years and that is just about unique in Flanders. I can, however, take a beating, but I should not overdo it. The past few years, I put myself in terms of rest enough discipline. There is rarely a day goes by without a powernap. All sleep but fifteen minutes or a half hour, it gives some extra energy.” Of the Veire says that he might Hit will no longer be present. One and Radio 2 want to someone else because Of the Veire to be hard-linked to MNM.

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