Ozzy Osbourne don’t know how old he is

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Ozzy Osbourne has unintentionally revealed that he no longer knows who is how old he is. In conversation with The Guardian calls the rock star himself 70 years, while in reality, a year younger.

Ozzy Osbourne

“The heaviest to getting older is that all your friends die,” says the Prince of Darkness against the British newspaper. “My problem is that I can’t remember that I 70 am. I really don’t know what people of that age to do all day, so I do but just what.” The Black Sabbath frontman is, however, 69 years of age and celebrated only on december 3, his birthday.

Let Ozzy know ever wanting to turn back to England, that he in 1997, leaving for a new life in Los Angeles. “On a day I want to return to England”, says Ozzy. “The weather here is lovely, but it is in LA so easy to get in the shit. All the newspapers write that I am sick. Rot on! I’m on the front page of the National Enquirer, with the headline: Ozzy is dying, his last words were, ugh”

His love for British food would be the crucial for a return to his homeland. “I can be really great fish and chips. You can do it in LA also, but it is not here to eat. If you’re in LA good fish and chips wants to, then go to an English pub.”

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