Model Lize Korpershoek breaks foot

ffc1af8d4f0e6106356afb76c16c045c - Model Lize Korpershoek breaks foot

Bad luck for Lize Korpershoek! The YouTube star and friend of presenter Tim Hofman has her foot broken and just now the sun has plenty of shows, six weeks in plaster.

“Wrong, the bike stepped”, writes Lize on Instagram, with a picture in which to see them is from the hospital. Fortunately, the model includes a good dose of self-mockery, and leaves them on the basis of a number of the photos to see how her first day to get through.

Friend, Tim, had been something else on his mind. The #ANGRY-presenter brought today a visit to the tattoo parlor and had his forearm quite hands. He shared the result on Instagram, this to the dismay of presenter Maxim Hartman. “Guest, it’s fun for you, that tattoo, but the girl you can’t walk anymore. So go to her support!” Tim responded here with: “Who?”

Luckily everything yet still well-off and showed Tim his best side see it through a pair of shorts for Lize to score. The two ended up eventually on the terrace, where they have a number of well-deserved drinks drunk to ease the suffering.

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